Friday, January 9, 2015

What's In The Diary For 2015?

Our little family has some big plans for this year.  

Oldest Kiddo gets to go on a two night school trip.  She has the chance to go canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, and zip lining.  It's a right of passage for the Year 6 classes, and she's pretty pumped.  

I'd like to get my UK drivers license.  We may only have a year left in England, but our US drivers licenses are no longer valid since we've been residents for over a year.  If we'd like to rent a car for a UK trip one of us needs a license.  

Travel (of course) - Matt and I plan to sit down and map out the year.  Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Poland, and Greece are on the top of our list.  If we need a tropical getaway the Canary Islands are up there, too. 

Welcome new guests to The Manor.  The spring is turing out to be a busy time for guests.  I'm excited to show our friends and family the amazing city in which we live.  

Check in through the year to see how we are doing! 

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