Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend in Stockholm - Touring Tuesday

Matt and I went to Stockholm for the weekend in early October.  It was the perfect chance for a get away because my mom was still in London for a visit.  We got out of town and she got quality time with the Kiddos before she flew back to 'Merica.

Our weekend started off with a flight out of City Airport.  I've never flown out of City, and when we got through security I immediately figured out why.  City Airport caters to business people with flights on smaller planes to major financial destinations.  Neither one of us had ever traveled to Scandinavia so we were pumped for the weekend.

We arrived long after sundown so our first glimpse of the city had to wait until morning.  Well, maybe wait until after breakfast.  If there is one thing I can say, the Swedes know how to put on a breakfast spread. The single photo was all I took for two reasons - I was starving and it was packed!
Just imagine tables lined with pastries, sausages, eggs, lunch meats, cheese, cheese, cheese, and the most interesting tubes of squeezy fish pastes.  I passed on the fish although it's a traditional Scandinavian food.  After breakfast, we finally got out into the city.  Oh my goodness was it worth the wait.  

We had no destination in mind for our walk, but we covered a lot of ground.  

Stockholm City Hall was across the narrow waterway from our hotel.  The building was closed at the weekends, but the outer architecture was beautiful on the sunny morning. 

The remainder of our morning was spent meandering the streets of Stockholm.  The cathedrals were beyond gorgeous.

The Riddarholm Church

In between cathedrals we stopped for lunch.  One guess what I ate.
The highlight of my day was a tour of the Royal Palace.  Act surprised.  I have to say, the Swedish Royal Family is one beautiful group of people.  Please follow the link to see them.  If we lived in Sweden I would carefully keep tabs on their lives as I tend to of William & Catherine.    
Photos were not allowed inside the palace.  We were surprised to see that pointing and ice cream were also prohibited.  

We needed some refueling after walking the halls of the Royal Palace.  Thankfully the most adorable cafe was nearby.  Matt tried to explain to the barista the recipe for a flat white coffee. Imagine the sheepish look he gave me when his drink arrived in a soup bowl.  I guess a double shot of espresso meant a double dose of milk, too.  The apfel strudel was phenomenal.      

The break gave our feet just enough of a rest to get back to our hotel.  Along the way we stumbled upon a small cemetery in the garden of the Adolf Fredrik Church.  The arrangement and style of the headstones and markers kept us engaged longer than I expected.  
As you can see the fonts on the headstones are beautiful.  We talked about so many of the people who rested here and speculated about their lives.  There were couples that lived long lives together and those that lost a partner early in life.  The families that lost children at very young ages, of course, were sad to see.  We were very pleased that we found this gem in the city.  

Our feet told us it was time to call it a day.  Overall, we walked an impressive distance across Stockholm.  We had a few hours to spend in the city on Sunday before our flight back to London.  

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