Tuesday, April 14, 2015

That Time I Hung Out With The Duchess of Cambridge

I read several blogs devoted to the life and movements of my friend The Duchess of Cambridge and the British Royal Family.  That is typically how I learn pertinent information about my beloved Royals.  Since The Duchess is due to give birth sometime in April, I was prepared for the blog chatter to go dark quite soon. 

It was these sources that mentioned The Duchess' visit to Ealing Studios to see where they film the downstairs scenes for Downton Abbey.  I made certain that I found a way to get there.  Despite feeling a bit sheepish on the day for actually going out of my way to see The Duchess with my own eyes, I'm glad I went.  

The crowd outside the gate was small, comprised of a group of kids from the local school, a few photogs, and about 15 adults.  The security staff were jovial, and talked with the waiting onlookers.  One man kept us updated on the timing of her arrival and what we could expect.    

Her arrival was swift to the gates of Ealing Studios.  Once out of the car, she took time to speak to the welcoming people, including the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian  Fellowes.  Since this was not an official Royal Family appearance, Katherine didn't do a meet & greet with the waiting crowd.  However one man did collect some of the flowers from the school children and took the name of the school; I suspect they will receive a lovely note of thanks from Katherine.
Talking with the boy that plays George Crawley
Then she was gone; her tour comprised the actors' trailers and the sets.  She even had the chance to listen in while they filmed some scenes.  The Duchess was scheduled to spend approximately 90 minutes inside Ealing Studios, and the photos I saw later indicated she had a lovely visit.  

Maybe Mr. Fellowes will send Katherine the new series to watch whilst on maternity leave.  Lucky lady.

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