Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Food in Berlin - Touring Tuesday

Eating in Germany is all sorts of wonderful.  As a life-long carb lover, I had no problem finding good eats for the family.  Interestingly, our first meal in Berlin was a lovely Italian meal.  The restaurant was close to our hotel and it was just what we needed after a day of travel.  We had an interesting experience with the waitstaff.  They were Italians in a German city; what's the best way to communicate?  We switched between German & Italian cordials.  At the end of the meal we asked the waiter which language they preferred.  He chuckled when I asked, and he said that they spoke many languages and were happy to speak in any one!    
Why have only one pasta when you can have three?
Spätzle - The boy was not sure about spätzle, but he quickly realized how delicious a platter can be.  I was pleased to finish what he could not.  We actually had dinner here two times.  The specials were delicious.  Matt had the sauerbraten and I had the gulasch vom wildschwein (goulash with braised boar)

Currywurst - I refused to leave Berlin without consuming a currywurst.  It's quite a simple dish, but man was it good.  The German sausage is served with a zippy ketchup and a sprinkling of curry powder.  (For you baseball fans, the zippy ketchup reminded me of the special sauce at Miller Park in Milwaukee.)  We saw many outlets that served currywurst - from one-man band style server to full sit down restaurants.  We opted for a street-side stand to have a proper table, yet affordability.  My kids were not fans of the curry sauce, but a quick scrape of the fork quelled their dislike.  

Doner kebab - These are big business in Germany.  Some say it's due to a large Turkish population, which arrived in Germany to rebuild the country after World War II and stayed.  I have observed that many of the bloggers I follow tend to go to similar spots, and many of them went to Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap.  This stand alone hut on the sidewalk often has a huge queue.  On the day of our visit we probably waited about 20 minutes.  The food was good - a pita bread filled with lamb, fresh veg, and feta cheese.  I don't think I would go out of my way to go there again, if I was in the vicinity I might stop again.  But that's just me.  

Beer - self explanatory 

Proper German breakfast - All of the places we've stayed in Germany provide a proper breakfast, and our hotel was no different.  Our kids are well served by these breakfast spreads.  Youngest Kiddo loves salami, ham, and cheese for breakfast.  Oldest Kiddo can't get enough of the tiny pancakes and Nutella.  Matt and I are big fans of the endless coffee and bacon.  

Of course many pretzels were consumed along the way, but for some reason none of them hung around long enough for a photo.  All of my carb and red meat fantasies were fulfilled with each meal in Berlin.  

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